The Resilience Doc:

Thinking Through Therapy

There’s this puppy named Kayla. An adorable shepherd mix, with one ear slightly bent and a perfect wet nose. She loves to run, play, smell... she needs to do those things to be happy and healthy. 


Unfortunately Kayla is stuck in a 5 ft x 5 ft cage at the pound, and she’s slowly losing herself.


Your mind is that caged dog.

We are highly social animals and COVID has taken so many things from us. Things we love, things we need.


The adjustment to our social environment means we need to change how we approach our mental health.

We need to talk out loud, to feel heard, to have consistent perspective on who we are and who we’re becoming. 

Therapy works... but why? Let’s look for the one element that makes therapy so effective. 

In the process, we'll uncover an elegant way to get more of it.

Is therapy effective

because of the empathy?

People are now more comfortable opening up to bots and A.I. avatars because they feel less judged.

The digital buddies have also proven to be therapeutic* yet they certainly aren’t empathic.

Let's keep searching...

Is the key to therapy the emotional connection?

An emotional relationship is a 2-way street of sharing & vulnerability.

Therapists are effective but they're specifically trained to NOT share about themselves.

You don’t have an emotional relationship with a therapist.**

So it's the great ideas
you get from therapy, right?

Therapists have excellent ideas but they understand we usually pursue our own ideas.

So they guide you to look inward, discover the idea yourself, and feel the “aha!“ moment.

There’s a word for that process: introspection.