• Ray Christian

Introduction to Textpert Teaser

What would you want in a company blog? We asked ourselves and whittled down to four attributes: personal, informative, fun… and short.

We’re believers in the open source movement and lucky to work in a field that’s cutting-edge and high-impact. We’re believers in less is more.

So we redesigned our blog with two goals:

1) post useful content, and

2) do so with minimum effort so we can continue focusing on enhancing AiME.

Thus, the Textpert Teaser series was born. The Textpert Teaser will be a window into our souls via two short (max 125-word) posts each week.

Topics will include: AiME, our fears, dreams, learnings, mental healthcare news, and irreverent musings from the minds of a few A.I. explorers.

We hope you enjoy.