One idea can change everything. Textpert started with one idea, and the rest is history. Here are some highlights from the last 6 years.

•  Development of Resilience Doc Beta completed and released for market testing

•  Resilience Doc begins signing up paid monthly subscribers
•  A.I. avatar “meets” with 3500 users

• Resilience Doc research paper accepted into APA's Psychological Assessment journal

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•  Resilience Doc tech embedded into UCLA CBAM addiction clinical trial
•  Textpert’s iPhone app is acquired by Jewish Big Brother Big Sister of LA (JBBBS); updated and rebranded as "Teen Talk"

•  Speech at “eHealth Conference“
•  Speech at Health Academy's “Datapalooza”
•  Speech at CHITA (UMD & UM Conference on Health IT and Analytics)

•  California Psychological Association publishes Textpert paper: "The Power of Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize Healthcare"

•  Featured in APA's "Good Practice"

•  750-person Resilience Doc validation study conducted
•  Resilience Doc neural network achieves 90% specificity & sensitivity and 80% accuracy on blind validated models
 Medical Advisory Board established (2018–2020):

Dr. George Allen, MD


Dr. Aaron Blaisdell


Dr. Nanthia Suthana


•  In partnership with JBBBS and TeenLine (Cedar Sinai), Textpert released "Teen Talk" iPhone app
•  Partnership with American Psychological Association for the “Innovation at APA” series

•  Speech at Health 2.0
 Honorable Mention for most disruptive tech at Exponential Medicine

•  "TEVI", Textpert's 1st generation A.I. avatar, begins having unscripted conversations

•  Wins Microsoft Bizspark grant
  Accepted into the UCLA MBA Anderson Venture Accelerator

  Wins 1st place and cash grant at Anderson Venture Demo Day

•  Partnered with JBBBS + TeenLine (Cedar Sinai) on teen outreach app development

•  Advisory Board established (2016–2020):

Ted Hong


Richard Buckingham


Terry Kramer


Dr. Yingnian Wu

Machine Learning

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Jasper Simons


  Initiated semi annual intern program at UCLA & USC

•  Accepted into StartupUCLA and receives funding grant

  iPhone app for advice (eponymously named “Textpert”) reached 100k downloads

•  Textpert founded and releases an iPhone app for advice (later sold to JBBBS)

•  Friends & family seed funding raised