About Us

About Us



Improve the world's mental health by 50%


The  Modus  Operandi


AiME: an A.I. avatar for mental healthcare shifting how mental health disorders and addiction are addressed & prevented with a user-friendly, accessible, and cost-effective interface

We believe in helping people

We believe mental healthcare is healthcare

We believe mental healthcare should be understandable and accessible

Anxiety, depression, & addiction are catastrophic to those affected. We believe a revolution is needed for how we assess, treat, and prevent mental disorders & addiction

We believe AiME is that revolution

The Team

Ezekiel Victor


Ray Christian



A.I. Avatar

Ted Hong


Terry Kramer


Dr. Aaron Blaisdell


Dr. Nanthia Suthana


Richard Buckingham


Dr. Yingnian Wu


Dr. George Allen, MD



Textpert is an LA-based A.I. company focused on fixing mental healthcare and bringing the world a little extra joy. We are leading the convergence of A.I. and mental healthcare with AiME: Artificial Intelligence Mental Evaluation


Change the paradigm of mental healthcare from reactive to proactive

Democratize a simple, nuanced, and standard method for tracking mental health

AiME's Goals

Turn sick people healthy and keep healthy people healthy by letting everyone participate in their own mental healthcare, and by illuminating the mind-body connection


Textpert is leading the revolution of mental healthcare. We're looking for people who are excited about our mission and passionate about cutting-edge science.

We are committed to building a diverse, inclusive environment where the best ideas win. Are you an innovator that wants to make history? Give us a buzz.

Available Positions:

  • A.I. scientist

  • DevOps

  • Motion graphic designer