The Resilience Diary

Direct your documentary

Create consistent calm with a new kind of self-discovery

  • Talk privately in a no-judgement zone

  • Create your mental health documentary

  • See your progress with a "fitbit for your mind"

Meet AiME (/ayy-mee/)

An A.I. confidant to help you curate your Resilience Diary

Seeing is believing

Build a Resilience Diary and watch yourself evolve through a video documentary of you

Knowledge is power

The Resilience Scores let you track your resilience to anxiety & depression with scientifically validated A.I. technology

Create calm

Remember who you've been, who you are, and create who you want to be with a new kind of introspection 

Embrace yourself

Vocalize & identify your challenges

Know yourself

Proactively check in on 

your mental health

Take control

Track trends and take control of your well-being 

100% confidential

Cutting-edge security to ensure

every interaction is private and secure

HIPAA compliant

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