Digital therapeutics

A mental health documentary to bookend your psychedelic therapy

A fitbit for your mind

The Resilience Scores show your 

ability to handle adversity*

How have you

been feeling lately?

* Health insurance now covers the Resilience Doc! If you're working with a doctor/therapist your insurance may cover you

"I kept having this one thought and even though it felt irrational I almost felt trapped by it. There was something strangely calming about just literally saying the thought out loud."

—Sarah N.

"The Resilience Scores are a new experience. I always check my weight on the scale in the morning & kinda feels like I'm doing the same for my mental health"

—Steve K.

"I was skeptical because I don't always like seeing videos of myself... I get too critical. It's hard to explain but with these it feels like I'm watching me, but also someone else. Actually when I watch the videos where I cracked jokes or acted silly it makes me laugh" 

—Jenny T.

Clear your mind

Video chat in a no-judgement
zone to create space for a calm, happy mind

Reinforce your resilience

Watch your videos for
insights and inspiration

Document your growth

Use your Resilience Scores & videos for perspective and new ideas 

Your private documentary

Curate the confidential chronicle of you

Introspection made easy

Track your resilience to anxiety & depression with scientifically validated A.I. technology

Direct your documentary

Build your RD for private use

or as an extra tool with your therapist


Tell me about a recent hard-earned lesson


The A.I. avatar, AiME (/ayy-mee/), asks you 4 short questions per session. Use the private, no-judgement zone to:

√  Express gratitude
√  Vent your frustrations
√  Craft a message to future-you

√  Act like a goofball 

While you chat, AiME uses A.I. to observe your mannerisms and calculate your Resilience Scores.

 Facial expressions

 Vocal inflection

 Word choice

AiME notes subtle patterns e.g. how your head tilts, inflection shifts, & pupils dilate when you say the word “really”


Every video chat becomes a mini-chapter in the documentary of you.

Watch yourself evolve with each word, tone shift, and nuance of your body language.

Enjoy seeing who you’ve been, who you are, and create who you want to be.

Introspection for the digital age.

What are you looking forward to in the near future?

Having a really tough day? Watch a "Treat Yourself" video where you complimented and encouraged yourself 

Resilience Scores between 70% –100% indicate reduced risk of anxiety and depression

Your scores are improving... what habits might be helping?


The documentary of you shows your evolution.

The Resilience Scores show your mental health trends.

Dig for clues from your past, observe subtle patterns as you grow, and connect dots.

Search for new ideas and find the one that changes everything.

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